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We specialize in making sandpaper according to orders from the customer (custom sandpaper) such as flap wheels, fan grinders, flap disks, belt sanders, etc. of various sizes. The custom sandpaper prices that we offer are quite economical with competitive quality. Our custom sandpaper products have been used in various factories in Bogor, Sukabumi, and Bekasi which produce gaskets & insuliting, automotive parts and body parts, furniture, and other productions. In addition to custom sandpaper, we are also a distributor engaged in the sale of sandpaper that is standard / standard in the market such as duco water proof sandpaper, roll sandpaper, Velcro round sandpaper or kit sticks, fiberdisk sandpaper, flap disk stacking sandpaper, abranet sandpaper etc. various well-known brands in the market such as Riben, Greyhound, Paco, goodhand, Mirka etc.

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